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EG Chequered Ply


EG chequered plywood is high-density exterior grade plywood produced under high heat and pressure using Melamine Formaldehyde Resin. Due to high pressure, the panel develops high density that can sustain high traffic on flooring in public ramp.

The ply has a chequered pattern on its surface that leads to better ridges and long life holding properties. It possesses excellent strength, durability and all-weather resistance.

Chequered ply has extensive use in transport - bus and train floors as skid-resistant floorboard material. EG Chequered Ply is highly appreciated for these striking features.


  • Bus Flooring
  • Factory Flooring industry
  • Flooring for Cold Storage
  • Halls
  • Ships & Trains
  • Laboratory Flooring

EG Environment Care

We are genuinely inclined to preserving and conserving nature. EG Ply ensures that the wastage of wood is nil in its manufacturing. EG products are eco-friendly that are based on values of care. Care towards a better world, better generations.