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The perfectionist - Pinewood block boards

The strong quality block boards made of pinewood develops a nice, rustic patina from age and use, and it resists shrinking and swelling. The composition of pinewood block board is very different from other engineered woods. EG Pine block boards have good dimensional stability when exposed to humidity and thus resists wrapping and cracking. The incomparable strength and durability keeps it high on demand.

Solid blocks of pinewood at its core, sandwiched between layers of gurjan on both sides - front and back faces make it one of the most recommended block boards.


  • furniture
  • kitchens
  • custom cabinets
  • exteriors
  • bathrooms

EG Environment Care

We are genuinely inclined to preserving and conserving nature. EG Ply ensures that the wastage of wood is nil in its manufacturing. EG products are eco-friendly that are based on values of care. Care towards a better world, better generations.