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EG Edge



EG EDGE, a calibrated MR grade plywood, excels in diverse environments with IS 303 compliance. Crafted with precision, it resists moisture, swelling, and delamination, featuring PCT technology for superior durability. With an 8x4 feet composed core and both sides calibrated, EG EDGE sets a standard for quality in doors, cabinets, walls, and furniture, meeting the highest industry standards. EG EDGE is a perfect blend of durability and sophistication in interior spaces.

  • BWP mark ensures the supreme quality of the
    stringent boiling water testing.

  • The moisture resistance, shearing strength & tensile strength of
    EG Bond adhere to the strict Indian Standards.


  • furniture
  • kitchens
  • custom cabinets
  • exteriors
  • bathrooms

EG Environment Care

We are genuinely inclined to preserving and conserving nature. EG Ply ensures that the wastage of wood is nil in its manufacturing. EG products are eco-friendly that are based on values of care. Care towards a better world, better generations.