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EG Punch

PVC Foam Board

This versatile ply is a thinner version of normal PVC foam boards. The 0.55 mm thickness makes it relatively lighter, yet it brings you all the punch. EG Punch does not compromise on its quality, durability and resilience. The composition makes the ply 100% waterproof and termite proof.

Other than furniture and construction purpose, this specific cat- egory of foam boards can be used in making advertising kiosks, garage doors, displays, exhibit spaces & signages. The structure can stay intact and won’t lose its strength.


Suitable for both indoor & outdoor purposes

    • Best for light-weight furniture
    • Office & home furniture
    • Partition and paneling


  • furniture
  • kitchens
  • counter tops
  • solid surfaces
  • custom cabinets
  • exteriors
  • bathrooms


BWP mark ensures the supreme quality after the stringent boiling water testing.

IS: 710

EG Mark is certified by the bureau of Indian standards taking into consideration the moisture content, shearing strength and tensile strength.