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EG Crust

Trusted PVC Foam Board

The eco-friendly PVC Foam Boards are in great demand in the market for its reliable and versatile quality. EG Crust, a product from the house of EG Ply has been developed through an integrated quality assurance approach to bestow best possible product.

EG Crust is 100% termite proof and water proof. It possesses extremely good tensile strength and is available in different dimensions and serves different purposes.


Suitable for both indoor & outdoor purposes

    • Residential furniture
    • Office furniture
    • Shuttering for concrete work
    • Partition & panelin


  • furniture
  • kitchens
  • counter tops
  • solid surfaces
  • custom cabinets
  • exteriors
  • bathrooms


BWP mark ensures the supreme quality after the stringent boiling water testing.

IS: 710

EG Mark is certified by the bureau of Indian standards taking into consideration the moisture content, shearing strength and tensile strength.